On-Call Assistance Package (Monthly Retainer)

Real life emergencies are inevitable and managers often require additional resources and specialized help to resolve them. You may face:

• An impending merger or acquisition situation

• A threatened lawsuit

• A Ministry of Labor work order

• An urgent project or crisis that must be addressed

With Enable's On Call Assistance Package, our clients receive expert, priority service.
We guarantee to respond to your call within 24 hours. You receive advice on a range of HR issues by a CHRP-certified professional. Avoid unnecessary risk. Make informed decisions. Get an outside perspective on the challenge you're facing. Primary and back-up contact numbers provided for your convenience.

Total HR Compliance Package (Monthly Retainer)

Many companies with 50 or fewer employees find hiring a full time HR manager expensive.
Enable You Inc.'s experienced specialists can manage all your human resources responsibilities. Through our Total HR Compliance Package, we provide a full range of HR planning, employee management, health and safety, training, documentation and administration services for a cost-effective fee.

HR managers of midsize companies often face resource crunches during peak business periods:

Enable You Inc. can cost-effectively supplement in-house human resources capabilities.
We can assume ongoing responsibility for designated areas such as Health & Safety. Or, we can provide a designated number of monthly hours of support to be used as the manager requires.

Our professional qualifications mean we can:  

• Reduce your personal risk and liability

• Address HR issues in a planned, prioritized manner

• Organize your planning, policies, procedures, programs and practices

• Llighten your workload, and ensure you stay current with changing legal obligations.

Human Resources Support

If you had been able to complete one important, extra HR initiative in the last year, what impact would it have had on your position, or your company's bottom line?

Enable's Human Resources Support addresses single initiatives, specialized needs, and recurring demands. On an as-needed basis, we resource and implement:

• HR audits

• Organizational (labor force) planning

• Recruitment and right sizing

• Training program development and delivery

• Job descriptions and performance management systems

• Health and safety requirements

• Compliance initiatives

• Benefits and incentive programs

• Other priorities.

Strategic Business Consulting

There's a difference between market leaders and other companies. It's their ability to direct and inspire their staff to peak performance levels. The average North American employee works at about a 50-60% efficiency rate. Any improvement in this rate directly enhances profits.

Enable You Inc. works with you to increase operational effectiveness and profitability. We:
• Identify clear corporate strategies, goals and plans

• Build HR plans to ensure all staff contribute directly to achieving business goals

• As required, conduct research, complete special projects, manage HR audits, etc.

• Communicate expectations

• Measure progress

• Tesolve problems
• Reward success

With Enable's Strategic Business Consulting and complimentary Opportunity Audit, managers are able to immediately kick-start their planning process.

Targeted Communications Package  

Without regular, consistent communication, the best leaders and most innovative plans won't improve your company's competitiveness.
In fact, studies have shown most employees don't know or understand their company's business strategy - a major de-motivator. In developing and executing a customized Targeted Communications Package, Enable You Inc. considers both your message and your audiences (employees, clients, shareholders, the media, etc.).

Our experience in:

• Internal and external communications

• Employee and client surveys and benchmarking

• Research, writing and production of a wide range of communications products

• Facilitation of team development sessions

• Sales presentations

• Coaching

allows us to recommend the best combination of formats, frequency, mediums and messages to achieve your desired results.

This Package may be delivered over a defined time period or via a monthly retainer arrangement, to provide ongoing leadership support and focus.


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